From its position at the head of the Arabian Gulf, Kuwait has long played a pivotal role in regional trade. As far back as the early 18 th century, the dhows of Kuwaiti traders were the backbone of an international trading empire which stretched as far as China . As one of the founding families of the nation, the Alghanim family has long been amongst the leaders in trade, industry and commerce, both in Kuwait and across the wider Gulf.

Today, Alghanim family businesses are represented in almost every sector of society. The Alghanim Sons Group is just one of the Alghanim family enterprises but one which has in a short time become a major player in many sectors. The business was founded by Adel Yacoub Alghanim and under his leadership, the Alghanim Sons Group has become a broadly-based conglomerate, with experience of everything from the provision of building materials, supply and logistic support to the military, technical supply and maintenance to maritime commercial shipping, petrochemicals, construction, wholesale distribution, retail businesses from shoes to high end designer fashion, furniture and household goods, hypermarkets and shopping centers and restaurants and coffee shops.

The Alghanim Sons Group is uniquely positioned to provide quality leadership, support and market knowledge, both for its owned operations and partners throughout the Mid East region and further afield. The Group is poised to continue its expansion within its existing territories and business sectors and beyond.